mail-in 35mm and 120 film development at affordable prices!

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  • customization.

    unlike some other labs, we offer flexibility with our services. because we only use industry-grade equipment, we are able to offer options such as borders in your scans, half-frame scanning (at no extra charge), and high-quality 4x6 prints.

  • 100% employee owned.

    HFL is a small women-of-color run film lab that is dedicated to accessible and affordable 35mm and 120 film development for everybody.

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  • we care.

    HFL is for photographers, by photographers. we take pride in being attentive to every roll we receive in order to ensure you get the high-quality results that you deserve.

pickup schedules

how it works

step one

ship your film

when you place an order, an email is automatically sent to you containing an address for you to ship your film to.

once we receive your film, we will send you a confirmation email.

tips on shipping your film

step two


once we receive your film, we will process it and send you the digital files back via Wetransfer.

step three


once all of your order has been processed, we will ship back the physical products that you've purchased (prints, negatives...)

we utilize reused and recycled packaging in order to keep down on unnecessary waste.