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harvey film lab

archival services (scans from previously developed film)

archival services (scans from previously developed film)

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are your negatives cut or uncut

hi! here, you can purchase film scanning services. if you have negatives laying around from a photo class, you found them in a relative's attic, etc... this service is perfect for you. we will digitize your negatives and send you the files.

if your film is cut into smaller strips (typically 4, 5, or 6 frames) please click that option. price is per roll. WE CANNOT SCAN STRIPS OF FILM UNDER 4 EXPOSURES.

to have your negatives shipped back, please select that option at checkout.


digital scans

an email with your film scans will be sent to the contact information provided at checkout. all emails will be sent directly from our file transfer service, Wetransfer

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