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I'm excited to announce that Harvey Film Lab will be hosting our first film developing workshop in Downtown Santa Ana on Sunday, October 29th from 2-6PM (location will be revealed via email once slots are filled). 

The vision of this workshop is to encourage film photographers to get familiar with the film developing process. Not only will learning this cut down the costs of processing at a lab, but it will force you to be more involved with your images and gain a better understanding of the physical nature of film photography.

This event will include a short 1-hour session of taking photographs in the area to not only socialize with other attendees, but to also fill up a roll of film to be ready to develop. From there, we will head to the studio to process your roll of film for the rest of the designated time.

We will cover:

- How to load 35mm film onto reels
- What chemistry is required for B+W processing, how to mix it, etc.
- How to inspect the negatives to assess the quality (underexposure, overexposure...)
- Recommendations on equipment for processing at home

...and more! All equipment to process your film will be provided; however, you will need to bring your own working 35mm film camera, and a roll of Ilford HP5+ or Kodak 400TX (very important!)

There will only be 15-20 slots for this workshop, so be sure to book your slot before they are taken.

More details will be announced!

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