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harvey film lab

b+w 35mm and 120 film developing + scans

b+w 35mm and 120 film developing + scans

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4x6 prints

hello! here, you can purchase black & white 35mm film processing for your disposables and rolls, as well as 120 film processing. all prices are per roll, and if you use the quantity selector to set the number of rolls you will send, all selections will apply across all of your rolls. at this time, we are only offering premium scans for 120 film.

if you would like your negatives back, you can select to have them shipped back at checkout. (you will see it as a shipping option after putting in your address, you do not need to leave a note in the "special instructions" box) 35mm negatives are cut and sleeved in strips of 4, while 120 negatives are sent in a continuous sleeve, uncut.

dust removal for B+W film is best effort.

digital scans

an email with your film scans will be sent to the contact information provided at checkout. all emails will be sent directly from our file transfer service, Wetransfer

4x6 prints 

these prints are glossy, high quality dye-sub prints that are perfect for photo albums, framing, etc. all prints will include a white border.

half frame print orders are subject to an additional charge if the number of total printable photos exceeds 40. if you'd rather have 2 photos per print at our standard flat rate, please email us (in this instance, scans will contain 2 photos per frame as well).

if you'd like multiple copies of each print or want individual photos printed as opposed to a whole roll, we can accommodate for that — just send us an email!

if you are purchasing prints, you must select "return negatives/prints by mail" at checkout to receive your prints back.

once a purchase is made, AN AUTOMATED EMAIL WITH SHIPPING INFORMATION is sent. if nothing is sent after an hour, please reach out. we do not provide pre-paid shipping labels, you must ship your film on your own.

you can direct any inquiries + questions to, not Instagram DMs please. check out our FAQ before sending any questions!

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Customer Reviews

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35mm b+w

I had a roll of Kodak 400TX developed and I couldn’t be happier 😄 it’s my first time getting filmed developed anywhere and it was a great experience. I’m glad I came to HFL 😃

I couldn’t be happier with Harvey Film Lab.

I dropped off 4 rolls of hp5 and had my scans in my inbox in a few days. The scans are gorgeous and easily the best looking scans I have received from a film lab. They were communicative throughout the entire process and I never had to worry about my film. 10/10 i will use them again.

the only developers i go to!!

i love HVL, they develop all of my film. Great turnaround times and beautiful scans. 💗