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color (c-41) 35mm + 120 film developing; specialized frontier scans

color (c-41) 35mm + 120 film developing; specialized frontier scans

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Hello! Here you can order film development with specialized scans that are done with our Fuji Frontier SP3000.

The Fuji Frontier SP3000 yields amazing color and tonality for C-41 film, and has a bit punchier contrast as compared to our Noritsu scanner. They both have amazing results and this decision is mostly up to personal preference. A big advantage, though, is that Fuji scanners can allow for scanning with borders, and have a color rendition that is a bit more fit towards wedding photography.

This is a specialized service that we recommend for editorial-styled work and experienced photographers. Because of this, we only offer the highest resolution that the Frontier provides. 

We do not recommend this service for expired, underexposed, or light leaked rolls. We will not scan half frame rolls, as the SP3000 as we cannot currently scan each individual photo and will instead scan the entire frame (meaning 2 photos per frame), which can result in uneven exposures and spacing. Please note that the only 120 formats we can scan as of now are 6x4.5, 6x6, and 6x7.

We only offer C-41 scans for the Frontier as of now. If we are unable to scan your film with it, we will refund the extra charge and scan with our Noritsu HS-1800.

If you would like your images to be scanned with borders, please select "one roll of 35mm film XL with BORDERS." Borders are only available for 35mm for the time being.

if you would like your negatives back, you can select to have them shipped back at checkout. (you will see it as a shipping option after putting in your address, you do not need to leave a note in the "special instructions" box) 

once a purchase is made, AN AUTOMATED EMAIL WITH SHIPPING INFORMATION is sent. if nothing is sent after an hour, please reach out. we do not provide pre-paid shipping labels, you must ship your film on your own.

you can direct any inquiries + questions to, not Instagram DMs please. check out our FAQ before sending any questions!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ylanie Gachupin
amazing service!

I’ve had my film developed twice now and both times have had amazing results! The pictures turned out so much better than if I would have taken them to a corporation like CVS or Walgreens. The scans come back quickly and look so vibrant! You can tell that they really care about the quality of your photos. I will definitely be using Harvey Film Lab to develop all my photos in the future as well!!!!

Definitely Worth It

Fast turnaround time, great customer service, very high quality film, and FAIR pricing. This is the only place I will send my film from now on.


got my scans upgraded to frontier for free and the turnaround time was less than a week from shipping my roll in. the scans are insanely high quality and I was shocked at how well they turned out.


I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing quality and quick turn around time! Thank you so much, will be using again :)

delanie oakley
the best!!

super easy process and got my scans within a day of my film arriving! the pictures came out so beautiful. will definitely be a returning customer!